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des tutos de bricoles et autres des photos anciennes chaque fois qu il y a un article et que vous povez prendre


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Ce blog est consacré à mes loisirs: voyages, photos, cinéma, lecture, expositions, spectacles culturels, encadrement,...

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leçon 1 et 3

Continued from Sashiko Fabric, needle, and thread: Traditionally, sashiko uses light colored thread over darker...

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en kit

coussins sashiko kit broderie sashiko débutant

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I was very honored when Lamps.com invited me to be a part of their blogger challenge to take a basic lampshade...

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et si on brodait japonais

Sashiko 刺し子 is a Japanese style of needlework. Literally meaning "little stabs," sashiko was originally used to...

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j adore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sashiko embroidery is one of my favorite crafts. It's easy to master and the process is very meditative and relaxing....

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